Presentation of marketing strategy



ADEM’s MMIP is a comprehensive export market development program that consists of a complete product and market evaluation and research from production to and product readiness and marketability, including presentations to key importers/buyers in the newly identified target markets. Aspects such as food safety, standards’ compliance, processes and packing, (type, design and presentation) are thoroughly analyzed; we identify suitable geographic areas appropriate for the prospective product categories and prepare detailed competitive comparisons (economic and visual) for the target products. Once the exporter has adopted our recommendations, we can developed an appropriate pricing structure, product presentation and perform commercial introductions to key buying establishments.


Areas evaluated Include:
  • Product variety, category, and packaging
  • Label norms’ compliance
  • Applicable process regulations
  • Advise on product modifications
  • Regional market identification
  • Price structure analysis and envelopment
  • Logistics procedures assessment
  • Identification of importers & distributors
  • Introduction of product line to prospective buyers
  • Reports and recommendations from product introduction to buyers