Presentation of marketing strategy

Strategic assistance with Mergers & Acquisitions and Design and Supervision of Start-up Ventures for Food Processing and Food Packaging Manufacturing in the USA

When demands of new markets reach high volumes, it is worthy to consider establishing or acquiring production facilities closer to the target markets. There is a point at which the cost of logistics and compliance of phyto-sanitary standards in foreign countries reach a level that make it worth establishing new processing operations in the USA. The US today offers unparalleled opportunities in aspects such as cost of fuel, cost of electricity, states with absence of union regulations, low cost of financing, safe commercial environment, stable legislation and income-tax free operations. Furthermore, the absence of knowledge withing the regulatory and phyto-sanitary environment commonly ignored by foreign companies becomes one of the strongest foundations for the venture when ADEM is integrated in the process, thus allowing for the new venture to be one that is fully compliant with the law, efficient and profitable. At ADEM we have the experience of having assisted companies attain extensive benefits and tax credits that have represented savings in investments in the tens of millions of dollars for foreign investors. Our network of contacts and relationships with authorities in the US, (both state and federal) have allowed us to develop profitable negotiations for foreign processors that have established their new operations in the US. Lower cost of investment in addition to lower cost of operations added to the advantages that free trade agreements in place with multiple nations in the Americas present, allow US products to be exported more freely and less expensive, allowing better competitive advantage even in their countries of origin.