Master Market Intelligence Plan (MMIP)

ADEM’s “MMIP” is a comprehensive market development program that consists of a complete product and market evaluation, and research from production to product readiness and marketability, including presentations to key buyers in the newly identified target markets. Aspects thoroughly analyzed include food safety, standards’ compliance, processes and packaging. Suitable geographic areas appropriate for the prospective product categories are analyzed and detailed competitive comparisons are developed for the selected products. Once the exporter has adopted all recommendations and an appropriate pricing structure is developed, product presentations and commercial introductions to key buying establishments are performed. Presentation of marketing strategy
Aspects of evaluation include:
• Product category, variety and packaging
• Labeling & Nutrition Facts standards compliance
• Applicable process regulations: FDA, Grade A, PMO, USDA, HACCP, SQF, LACF, etc.
• Advice on product modifications
• Regional and ethnic market identification
• Price structure analysis and price determination
• Logistics assessment
• Preparation of Product specification and presentation Data Sheets
• Identification of importers & distributors
• Reports and recommendations from product introduction to buyers

Food Sector Strategic Plan Assessment, Development & Implementation

At ADEM we have successfully developed and implemented Dairy Sector Diagnostics for multiple government agencies. This type of programs involves proper diagnosis of a region or nations current status of its dairy production and processing, identifying weaknesses and opportunities, and defining potential market activities. The implementation of these programs contributes in new product development, industry efficiency, new markets penetration and population wellness overall. These types of programs have been successfully developed by ADEM for agencies of the governments of Colombia, Panama, Pakistan and Serbia, and for others in the USA such as US AID, OPIC (World Bank) and the USDA.


Design & Establishment of Industry/Export Associations

For nearly two decades, at ADEM we have successfully assisted in the establishment of export cooperatives and sector associations for small and medium companies (SME). Some successful examples developed by our firm are, the Southeastern European Dairy Processors Association (SEDA) in Belgrade Serbia; and the Cooperativa Lactea del Norte in El Salvador. In addition, our founding partner Mr. Gabriel Pascual, was one of the founders and Chairman for over eight years at the Central America-US Chamber of Commerce of the United States, which during its first 10 years of existence generated over $10 million dollars of exports revenue for small US exporters to the Central American region.


Performance of Technical Due Diligence

Expansion of current facilities and establishments require proper planning and preparation in order to properly determine financial, professional and technical requirements. ADEM’s experience includes technical due diligence not only in compliance of US standards, but also in areas such as operability and productivity of food processing manufacturing and distribution. Some successful examples of these in our firms trajectory have been the technical due diligence for a 6 thousand milk producing cow farm in Ukraine for the World Bank, the design of a 17 thousand milk producing cow farm in Eastern Sri Lanka for the US AID and UAE, and the design and establishment of a >50 million dollar investment in the Southeastern US in a new UHT/aseptic beverage and dairy processing facility.